Hi, I'm Jordi, from Spain, and a member of this site since last week. It's a nice site for learn English, and for talk and make friends, I think.

I'm wondering if anyone wants to make an appointment in chat for talking, in hours and days specifics. And the rest of days we can write between ourselves, dedicating 15' or 20' minutes every day, asking and answering about our country, style of life, etc. In this way, almost every day we can work our English skills.
If anyone have interest, please make me a reply.
Hi we can be friends just add me on skype Emotion: smile I hope I can help you although I cannot alot 20 minutes for chatting it depends on my schedule
Hi yukari, thanks for reply, in my case my English level is too low for talking in skype, I hope attain soon the necessary level and try it, but just now I can't understand any English song, movies, etc. without lyrics or subtitles. Maybe wind23 has the level.
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yes, it's not skype call that I'm offering but skype chat because I'm more flexible with chat and I also work in skype...but it's also okay you can chat here many people are helping one another in the chat room
Ok, I see, I find you in Skype and add you.
okay GodBless
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