From the part in red, can we draw the conclusion that British people used to like drinking quickly?

For thousands of years’ the most important two buildings in any British village have been the church and the pub. In fact,until a place has a church and a pub,it isn’t really considered a community worthy of a name. Traditionally,the church and the pub are at the heart of any village or town, since it is where people gather to give and receive news. In fact, the word ‘ pub' is short for 4 public house'.

That's how it used to be, but things are beginning to change. It is said that the credit decline is causing 39 British pubs a week to go out of business. People don ’ t have lots of spare money to spend on beer. Recently, theUKgovernment banned smoking in all pubs, and that may also have affected the number of customers going to pubs.

This decline is happening despite the fact that in 2005 the UK government started to allow pubs to stay open after 11 p. m. Previously,with 11 p. m. as closing time,customers would have to drink quite quickly,meaning they sometimes got more drunk than they would if allowed to drink slowly. The British habit of drinking a lot very quickly is known as,binge drinking,and it causes some long - term health problems for people and problems with violent crime for communities. TheUKgovernment is changing the law to discourage binge drinking, and regularly spends money on television advertisements to warn people of the problems of drinking too much.

In order to save their businesses, pubs are trying to change with the market. Now, there are a number of different types of pubs. As you can see, British pubs now offer something for everyone. A lot of pubs used to beworking men' s clubs, meaning that women could not usually enter. Today, however, women can freely enter 99% of pubs without experiencing any problems. Perhaps things are changing for the better after all.
Not like - but out of necessity. They used to drink quickly because they had no choice.

It does't say if they "like" to drink quickly.
Then what do you think of the statement: British people used to like drinking slowly. Does the idea stays with you after reading the passage?
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Not really.

(first, I don't know much about the British. Second, it will also depend on when the British government gave the rule of shutting down pubs by 11pm)

Since the passage didn't give anymore information, I can only assume they "could possibly" like to drink more slowly if they had more time.

Some people like to drink fast, others like to drink slowly and chat with their friends while they are drinking. Who knows what they used to like (since I don't know anything about the drinking culture of the British).

However, I can see why you get the impression British people used to like drinking slowly.

REMEMBER, it's only the government preaching to the people to drink less and behave. (what governments think often times contradict what the populace really feel or want)