hi priya,

Am very sorry for the delay. You know I was really busy with my college works and other before its my vacation. how are yu? i am fine. i was back to kolkata. hw nice i feel to stay here. i am looking forwar to meeting my old friends. i cant imagine that kolkata is comparable to bangalore. I feel Kolkata style seems to be like 1950 although i like staying here more than that city. you know i like simple and even i was born in kolkata. I am sure that you agree with me.

I think that you are in Bangalroe. Hope you study well. If you meet dola aunt, please give my warm regard to her. i promise i will meet yu soon after this month. take care of yourself please. hpe yu like the book- how did it get here? creation or evolution. Please try to read it completely.

I am waiting for your reply. keep smiling!


Okay, priaya is a beautiful girl and is girl friend of Anirban (?). He wants us to modify his letter so that it sounds like a strongly typed english, so that priya is happy reading it.

I am modifying the letter adding some more emotion to it. You may delete it or keep it.

Dearest Priya,

It has been a long time I replied to you since. Though the reasons were mostly extraneous, still I feel very sorry for the delay. To tell you the truth, I was totally immersed in my college work, which multiplied many times over because of impending vacations.

Now that I explained it to you I am sure you are not sad anymore. How are you doing pretty girl? You would be surprized to know that I am now in Kolkata. With its century old pathways, with its congested towry buildings which look more like momuments of old ages, Kolkata looks like what bangalore would have been 50 years back in 1950.

But it does not disappoint me to stay in Kolkata. The reason being, I am very simple man and like to keep things simple. And Kolkata has more significance to me that the ostentatious display of wealth or apparently crowded streets. It is home to me, for I was born here. I am sure you would agree that one's hometown is very special to oneself inspite of any other things it has or it lacks.

I think you are in bangalore right now. I hope that you dont waste your time and study well. I often remember Aunt Dolly. If you meet her please do convey my warm regards. If you are wondering when will we meet next, I promise, it wont be longer than a month from now. Meanwhile I would want you to take care of your health and I am quite concerned about you. Also I hope that you like the book that I sent you last month on "How did that damn thing got here- By creation or by evolution". Please try to read it completely.

Always keep smiling and I would eagerly wait for your reply.

With lots of love


Many thanks! how kind you are! But it disappoints me because your english level is so very far from me. I wish I could do like you. How can i improve my english? i know grammar well but i need to make my english to be strong. Help me please.

Let you know I am hearing impaired. I cant hear althought i make much effort to improve my english language. what is your name? where do you live? I strongly believe that I will hear in near future. But the righteous will inherit the earth and the wicked will be removed. See psalam 37:9. Please read Bible. If you want to know more about it, I will let my brother or sister to contact with you. I am sure that you will accept truth.

with regard