Dear teachers,

Can I say like this?

1) A: Where is your native village/land
B: I'm from Longan ( Longan is a province in Vietnam)

2) I have boken Jim's eye-glasses.I'll buy another pair of eye-glasses to make it up to him
I have boken Jim's eye-glasses. I'll make up for him with another pair of eye-glasses

Thank you in advance
These are more natural:

1) A: Where's your home town? Where are you from?
B: I'm from Longan

2) I've broken Jim's eyeglasses. I'll buy him another pair to make it up to him.
I've broken Jim's eyeglasses. I'll make up it up to him with another pair.
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Thank you Mister Micawber ever so much. By the way,Could you tell me how to pronounce your name" Mister Micawber"?
I say 'muh 'KAW ber', but it's probably 'mi KAW ber' .
Oh, I see. Thank you Mister Micawber
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