John: Amy, good news for you. Your housing loan has been approved!

Amy: That's so great!You [made/make] my day

Which is correct, make or made? Or is there a better way of saying it?

Thanks in advance!
I would say "you made my day" is the correct one. Emotion: smile

I wonder if "happy camper" would work here..

John: Any, good news for you. Your housing loan has been approved!

Amy: That's so great! I'm a happy camper now!

Happy camper means "A person who is very pleased or content", doesn't it? Can it be used this way?

Thanks in advance!
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I'd prefer to say 'You've made my day'.

As for the 'happy camper' expression, you can say this but much depends on the context and on the type of relationship you have with the other person.

Let me just offer a couple of comments to consider.

First, don't say it about something serious. eg when the doctor says 'The tests show you do not have cancer', don't say 'Great, I'm a happy camper'.

Second, it's a fairly feeble attempt to be facetious, so in general my advice is for learners to avoid saying it.

Best wishes, Clive
Thanks everyone!
Thanks for that explanation and your advise, Clive!:)

So, I shouldn't use that with someone I don't know much. Only with people I have confidence with and in a very informal context, right? (I won't use it, this is just curiosity:) )
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Thank you very much, Clive!:)