I applied for a job last week. One of the requirements was to make a composition in English. Unfortunately, I did not get the job. Today looking at the (folha de correções?)assessment paper two things took my attention. First, the examiner corrected my sentence " I think teachers should make extra materials to help students" and writing that you should not write make materials. That would be a wrong collocation. I should have used device materials instead. Moreover, I wrote: "I wish the best to the teachers". The examiner said that was Portuguese into English and did not offer me a correct alternative. My question is: In your experience, does that sound right?
Hi Guest,
I wish the best for the teachers, prepare extra materials, I think.
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Dear sir,

«device materials» is not right.

«I think teachers should make extra materials available to help students.»

«I wish the teachers all the best.»

All the best,
Goldmund is right: I wish the teachers all the best. (just to avoid confusion)Emotion: smile