Today is Tuesday,September 12, 2007 . I was joint a interview in S-Fone corp . It’s hard to pass because it’s very difficult . IQ part I did quite well but english part I did very bad .Tuesday next week , the result of interview will report, I am very worry because I am afraid i will be fall!

Oh! Ghost ! I wish I was( after “wish” verb will be simple past tense) good at english, so I should pass every exam for interview ! Oh ! dear! I have to work hard to become a person good at english !

OK! I am doing to make my dream come true ! ( he he : my dream is expect in eclectronics and telecommunication engineering , but that is difficult because it have too much problem I have to pass ! Ok , I will learn english and good at english soon!

Do you believe me? Problem only depend on time. My english is improve by day ! you see, I love english very much , so I believe next month my english will be improve !

I wish I had much money for my my study . I want to study MCSE certificate because it need for my work and buy an laptop for me . Oh, I haven’t money for this purpose . I have to find jobs and earn money , save , and buy and study things I want….

I have met teacher avalable help me improve my english , but first I have to work hard .
Good luck with your application Emotion: smile
what should i do for next interview?
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Your posts are quite hard to decipher, and your difficulties with punctuation and capitalisation aren't helping.

Can I offer you these corrections to your signature line? Can you see and understand the differences between your version and mine?

Le Quang Trung
I love English very much, but I'm not proficient. Please help me to correct the grammar of the sentences above.
Thank you very much!

thanks , but in my signature, tghe grammar not wrong?
thanks , but in my signature, tghe grammar not wrong?
Thanks, but in my signature, tghe grammar not wrong?
thanks, but in my signature, tghe grammar not wrong?

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Your English isn't correct (yet) but I can understand what you are saying. The only part I don't understand is Oh! Ghost! Do you mean Oh God!? You can't change God's name.

You need to work on your grammar with your teacher and I'm sure you'll improve to the level you need.

Mind you, you don't know yet that you failed, so wait and see.