Hi Room, i appreciate this Sub-forum "Topic of the moment" because we can talk about anything happend around us even in our head but it will be more interesting if the topics could provoke you and others to debate about something as recommendation topic below:

FREE DISCUSSIONS~ Topics to be debated

1. The husband should bring most of the money in the family.
2. Women are less intelligent than men.
3. Football is for idiots.
4. Computers are very important in education.
5. Knowing English well is equivalent to a college degree.
6. The actual school system is not good.
7. Success in life means money.
8. Nationalism is a positive thing.
9. Talk shows on TV are useless and boring.
10. Husbands and wives should have the same educational level.

..................................... etc..............

67. History is a purposeless activity.
68. Giving money to beggars is stupid.

Copyright Peter Szabo, The Thoughts of a Private Teacher, 2003
Copyright For and Against, Longman Group Ltd. 1973

If i pick the number one topic, what is your opinion about that statment? welcome to debate
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Topic one: i'm a feminist so i'm against that, i have plans to get a sirious carreer and i hope to bring in my share of the money in my family.


I'm not even going te debate about that, but you should know that if you're gonna say such things we're going to mobilise every women on this forum to let you know that you're wrong!
Hi Floxflow, thank for your support on this topic, please give me a chance to explain Emotion: smile

Firstly, when i posted the topic list, i didn't even read through the list, so i was not aware of the second topic. lol ..because i copy and paste from different room. Actually if you read through all. There are several topics sound silly. But the main key of all this matters is not a good or a logical meaningful topic but the more aroused the more exciting topic. Then you feel rebellious, disagree,.... so more energetic to debate. Please keep in mind, talking about debate, the person who supports the topic doesn't mean he/she really think like that otherwise nobody debate against others. But anyway i will skip the topic 2 or i will get "flowers" from feminity. Emotion: smile
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Calm down, calm down my dear... it's just a list of suggested topics for this forum. Anyway, we can prove the topic #2 wrong, correct? I myself disagree with it. We are Pro-girl power! In our country, we have a lady president, because she happens to be the smartest among her opponents. hehehe!
Floxflow, you disagree with the 1st topic but it's not wrong because Majority husband still are the one bring most money home. If we do a statistic maybe the figure is 75%
1. The husband should bring most of the money in the family.

As for me, it doesn't matter who brings most of the money in the family... Whoever earns more money then he or she should be the one to bring more.. Right?

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topic one: it doesn't really matter but it shoudn't be considered logical that the husband brings the most money in the family cause that situation is changed.
You are right Flox, it shouldn't be a rule. Because the social situation have changed gradually and no such a rule in any family, but the husband 's role in family is still dominant including duty and responsibility. So the aboved statement is still relevant and it will last for long time base on the human nature from thousand years ago unless there is a super revolution in the human kind.
onot right women
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