Do you ‘make strokes’ with a mascara?

“I usually make five strokes before I’m done.”

Perhaps ‘swipe my eyelashes five times’ would work as well?

Thank you.


"Swipe" is correct enough, but it has irrelevant connotations that make it unlikely here. Your "five strokes" is what I would expect to hear.

Mascara is applied with a brush, and the verb for using a brush is "to brush", so perhaps you brush your lashes five times before you're done.

I looked online to find other appropriate verbs, and I found "pull through":

I usually pull the brush through my lashes five times before I'm done.

We are merely brushing (or pulling a brush through) the surface of my extensive repository of knowledge of mascara and its application, but I hope this information is sufficient for your purposes.

Yours with warmest regards,

"Mascara Jack" Dammit.