Make your mind up. - which is correct ?
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in my mind's eye (or perhaps my mind's ear rather), i would make the following distinction: as an expression, i would say "you need to make up your mind"... as an imperative, i would also use the same. however, if the expression is followed by an infinitive, the other sounds better to me: e.g. he made his mind up TO GO to the party after all. perhaps the debate on this topic greatly depends on regional differences, and is more a question of (socio)-linguistics rather than grammar. i just can't make up my mind...
and I can't make out what you are saying.
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That's interesting! The infinitive one actually sounds more natural to me the other way, and as for the other two, I could go either way. Well, no, actually, now that I think about it, I think in all cases, "make up your mind" sounds slightly better to me.
Yeah, it's really interesting how differently people speak in different regions. Where are you from, Moijelesuis?