Make your mind up. - which is correct ?
I suspect either would be correct. It's hard to tell sometimes with weird idioms like this, even for a native speaker like me. Somehow the first one seems less awkward to my ear, though. What does everyone else think?
Both can be used without any problem......though I'm still making my mind up about it!
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what? You didn't give a choice. Maybe you wanted to say you should make your mind up.
The choice was between the subject heading and the content of the post. "Make up or mind" or "make your mind up."
But yeah, that confused me too for a minute or so.
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Have you made up your mind, then?
No. I am still vascillating.
(Maybe I should quit with the vascillating and go to bed, since it's nearly five in the morning. Why do I always do this??? I suck.)
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I can't make my mind up. Why is it that I can't make up my mind wether to use "make up my mind" or "make my mind up," which is really making my mind to go up in a state of confusion.
Oh nooo! You begin to sound like me. Any help needed?
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