Hey. Can you please explaine me difference between these two sentences:

I'm going to TAKE a decision.

I'm going to MAKE a decision.
Thnx every1=)
I do not agree with the first answer in the above. It's still by myself.

e (1) : to form and adopt in the mind or with the will

<take a resolution>

<take a grave view of a situation>

<was here that the real decisions on policy were taken -- J.H.Plumb>

<whenever he took a notion he wanted something, he bought it -- Margaret Cousins>

<taking harsh judgments of his contemporaries -- S.L.A.Marshall>

take a decision - British English
make a decision - American English
Same meaning.
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two cents:
I'm going to TAKE a decision (made by others)
I'm going to MAKE a decision (by myself) 
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In my opinion when you “take” a decision it is actually something decided by somebody else and you just take it. Soldiers take orders, I take a banana, I take time...

Make a decision is when I make it, nobody else can “make it” for me. So I will “take” advice from anybody but “make” my decision.

Leaders make decisions , followers take them from them and run with them!