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Making sentences using the word "antagonize/antagonizing" is difficult for me. Kindly tell whether the above mentioned word is correctly used in the following sentences. If incorrect, please correct them.

1) It was purely antagonising doctors as misleaders of society.

2) It showcased none of the parties you wanted to antagonize.

Thank you.


If Tom antagonizes Bob, he makes Bob feel hostile to him.

I don't see that meaning clearly in either of your sentences, especially #2. Why would you want to antagonize someone?


cat navy 425Making sentences using the word "antagonize/antagonizing" is difficult for me.

President Trump never ceases to antagonize me, so now I have the habit of turning off the TV or radio whenever he starts to speak. I turn it back on after a reasonable period of time.

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cat navy 425Making sentences using the word "antagonize/antagonizing" is difficult for me.

That could be because you haven't read enough sentences that contain those words. When you find yourself in this position, try finding examples online. It doesn't always help, but it's worth a try. I like fraze.it for this kind of research.


antagonize: displease, irritate, offend, infuriate, enrage, impede, contradict, alienate, disparage


If you antagonize a person or group of people repeatedly, they are likely to attack you, or at least they are not likely to do any favors for you in the future.


It's best not to antagonize someone who's in a position to set you back hundreds of dollars.
He was certain that his letter would antagonize that particular faction of the Democratic Party.
A lot of people are worried about the way different religions antagonize one another.
No one who auditioned for the part wanted to antagonize the woman who was the gatekeeper for their show-biz dreams.


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Explained it with a wonderful example. Thanks a lot madam.
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