Hi guys!

On 24th August, me and my dad visited a GREAT aeroshow in Moscow region (Zhukovsky city). In Russian it's called MAKS (International Aero and Space Saloon).

It incredibly impressed me, though it hadn't been my first time there!! It's just an awesome feeling when those huge aircraft fly above your head, and you hear stunning roar of powerful engines and feel that tremble inside your body! WoW!

Here are some videos I made. The aerobatic team is Patrouille De France (you can hear the French speech of the leader of the team from time to time!), but there were also Russian aerobatic team callen Strizhi (The Swifts). Unfortunately, I didn't record how the latter was flying. Emotion: crying

Anyway, hope you will enjoy!!

De France at MAKS 2007 video 1[/url]
De France at MAKS 2007 video 2[/url]
De France re-forming[/url]
De France towards each other[/url]
De France towards one another[/url]
De France, ticking watch[/url]
biggest heart[/url]
De France depicting Russian flag[/url]
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Yes! It's a great show. I was there twice. Today and yesterday. (I live quite near) I wish all of you could visit it!

Besides seeing the aerobatics the visitiors can enjoy the show of different planes, rockets and helicopters from different countries (mostly Russia, the USA) Some of the planes are unique.

Here is a picture of the famous Russian attack helicopter "Black Shark"
And here is Sukhoi-27 the Russian fighter (the most popular in Russian Air Force)
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And the latest attack helicopter "Night Hunter" (all weather helicopter)
Dew 2007I was there twice. Today and yesterday. (I live quite near) I wish all of you could visit it!
Wow! You're lucky!! It took me about 3 hours to get there. We left home at 9.00 and were in Zhukivsky just before 12.00. If I lived closer to the city, I would have visited it at least twice too, beyond doubt!
Hi Ruslana,

Thanks for the pics.

They look great.

Emotion: smile
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Woow! Nice pictures, guys! I like 'em
Ruslana, I visited all the Aviation and Space Shows since 1992. If you want to be in time and avoid standing in lines you should mind the following&

1. Never go by car and

2. You should come at about 8.30 then you'll be on the airfield and about 9.30 when there are not many people and it's possible to see the planes. And by 12.00 when the flights begin you'll be able to find the best places to see the show.
Newmoon, it was Dew who provided us with the pictures; I provided you with some videos. Emotion: wink

Dew, if I had wished to be there at 8.30, I would have had to wake up at about 5.30! Emotion: surprise Well, I would have endjured this (sometimes I wake up at 6.00 for work), but my dad... Anyway, thanks for your advice. Emotion: smile
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