(i) Hi! Everyone,

At last I found out the right forum and meet the right people that keen to use a proper english. Being educated using Bahasa Malaysia (mother tounge), I found out it is tremendously difficult to speak and write english.

So, I am looking forward for a knowledge exchange in this forum. I really hope to improve my english.

Salam (Regards in English) to everyone. Emotion: smile
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No you are absolutely wrong Emotion: stick out tongue I'm a Malaysian and Malay and being raised in a Malay-speaking environment Emotion: stick out tongue and I speak English quite OK (can't say WELL) eventhough I still don't know some advance and sometimes basic words hehehe Emotion: stick out tongue and thank God I have British accent Emotion: stick out tongue The truth is I seldom use English yet some friends and people told me that I have excellent command of English Emotion: stick out tongue I only use English when talking on the phone or when the person really doesn't understand Malay Emotion: stick out tongue Not like other Malaysians (not to mention what kind of people) who love to use English (Malaysian English) with wrong grammar and sometimes wrong diction Emotion: stick out tongue hehehe Don't feel offended but I think we could be FRIENDS Emotion: stick out tongue
Thanks Man,

At least I have somebody where I can talked with. I'm glad to accept your friendship. I do believe feeling offended to whatever comments make by others is not a good way of learning. One way to avoid that kind of uneasiness is being open minded.

I think both of us can be the moderator for this thread and helping one another in promoting Malaysia. Let tell the peoples in this forum about the true beauty of Malaysian.

We have a long journey to share... and I'm looking forward for a constructive discussion, so that we learn a new thing/issue and simultaneously improve our English.

Thanks in advances.Emotion: computer
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Hey It's all OKEmotion: smile You can contact me on my MSN and Yahoo Messengers at (Email removed) Emotion: smile

Hi! guys, I don't subscribe to yahoo.

Hi there.

I'm a student of Um University. raelly i need your help as a malaysian youth.I'm doing my project paper.and i'm going to compare the slang which malaysians use in english with American slang.i want to know what kind of slang malaysians use and if American Media(TV channels) affected them or not.some slang: what's up? dude-cool-LOL-brb-shit-jesus christ-tight-my bad-....

pls help me and looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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Hello, I'm Charlotte and I'm a Malaysian, too. I'm always annoyed by the way some Malaysians like to talk with the unbearable 'Manglish', and, they seem to be very proud of it. I want to practise my English so much, but my friends don't see it as something important or enjoyable. They gave excuses like 'not used to it' but I didn't feel this at all. So, I end up talking to myself in my bedroom with English.

Luckily, my English is still considered 'good' in my school. Though I don't normally speak in English (except to myself in my bedroom), I'm still able to master the basics. Not only I'm interested in proper English, I'm also fond of British accent. It sounds classical and elegant. If you're Malaysians, I think you must be familiar with Astro. I learn it by watching BBC Entertainment, Star Movis, HBO, Travel and Living (channel 11) and others. It does help!

I'm really glad to have met some fellow Malaysians who're interested in proper English as I was always feeling lonely because non of my friends share the passion. I hope we'll have more tips to share!
So do i , but i am from china. I want to make friend with you if you like.
Hi Charlotte,

You must be really fed up the ' Lah ' being used in almost all sentences in the English conversation in Malaysia Emotion: stick out tongue
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