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HOw about "dear <insert first name>"?
Male It is an Indian name...Emotion: smile
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I imagine that utilizing "Dear FistNAme LastName" is a decent arrangement.

Howerver, I trust you can attempt to search for the individual's name in sites like:

They advise you in case names are male or female.



The water in one of our toilets suddenly won't stop running. Thankfully, it's not overflowing or anything and the water level isn't rising. It's just that the water won't stop running down the back of the toilet, inside. This has happened a few times before, but when I would lightly press the flush button (like jiggling the button), it would stop. But this time, nothing seems to be able to make the water stop running. I also tried flushing it a few times but that didn't stop it either. I can't access samsung the plumbing of the toilet because it's hidden behind a wall.

Our Hauswart appears to be Missing in Action today, too. And we're leaving for holiday on Monday morning. And my hubby is away for the next few days and is busy with conference calls all day.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to get the water to stop running? I don't want to have to leave it running the whole time we're on our trip next week. I'm not about to cancel our vacation because of a toilet.