How do you pronounce these two words? Is the pronunciation the same, that is "man" as [men] and "men" as [men] or may be "man" as [man] and "men" as [men]???

thank you
Hi Newguest - I'm going to move this to the section on how to pronounce, okay?

Anyway, for me, man has the same vowel as hand, while men rhymes with hen or pen.
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Well, from what I've heard, the Queen used to pronounce "man" and "men" the same way. Most

dialects of English, say them /mæn/ and /mEn/ respectively.

Here are some variations of different regions in North American English:

Conservative General American: [mæn] [mEn]
Western American English: [mæn] [mEn]
California vowel shifted dialect: [me@n] [mæn]
Canadian vowel shifted dialect: [mæn] w/a slightly tenser /æ/ (or sometimes /me@n/) [mæn]
Northern cities vowel shifted dialect (progressive): [me@n] [mVn]
Pin-pen merged dialect Inland Northern: [mæn] [mIn]
Pin-pen merged dialect Southern: [mæ:j@n] [mIn]
Pin-pen merged, California vowel shifted dialect: [me@n] [mEn]
When I asked an Irishman how do they pronounce these words he said: "man" as [man] the same way it is written and "men" as [men] again the same way. Just like "Dublin" many say [dublin] not [dablin]

Marvin A.Pin-pen merged dialect Southern: [mæ:j@n]
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My, how I like this drawl -- the less 'standard' it sounds, the more I enjoy it!
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