Can anyone explain the meaning of this sentence:

She managed around the glass.

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Can you give us any more context? My only guess is something like this: There was a lot of broken glass on the floor, but she managed to avoid it, or she managed to get her work done in spite of it. "Manage around" is certainly not any regular, common expression. (At least not in my part of the USA)
It's about a woman who is drunk although she usually doesn't drink, but she is drinking this time because she found out her sister was killed. She is talking to her uncle, formerly an alcocholic, who is surprised to see her drinking, because he doesn't know yet that her sister is dead. She came to his place to tell him the news. They cannot stand each other.
She definitely took the glass with liqor. but I'm confused with this 'manage around'...

Thank you very much for your effort
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Hi, Antonia,
Could you perhaps write the few sentences before and after "she managed around the glass" occurs?
It might be " she succeeded in doing something/grabbing something without upsetting the glass"?
It goes like this:

He asked, 'What brings you to these parts?'
'Just dropping by,' she managed around the glass. The whiskey was bitter in her mouth. She kept an eye on him as she finished the drink and banged the empty glass back down on the box.

Is the meaning of this verb: although she didn't like alcochol and although it was bitter she still drank it?

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hi Antonia I think that the meaning of manage around is to avoid a situiation or object
Okay, I think what the original text meant is: She managed to utter the words "Just dropping by" while simultaneously drinking from the glass. She was able to speak while at the same time drinking from the glass. I think in this case "she managed around the glass" is equivalent to "she said, while drinking." Hope this helps - its not something that would make much sense out of this particular context.
And also, 'managed' because she was a bit drunk and having difficulty speaking. Yes, indeed Ms Hoff-- a classic example of why we need posters to supply context with their questions!
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