I understand both 'maneuver around' and 'skirt around' mean 'avoid'.
but don't know the detailed usage to make sentences.

So please tell me the following points.
When you use these phrases, what kind of objects are apt to follow them?
Do you use 'maneuver around' and 'skirt around' in a different way?

Thank you,
As I understand it, you would use "maneuver around" in a literal sense, as in "I had to maneuver around the table", while "skirt around" would be more in the case of, "I had to skirt around the topic of death".

That wasn't very clear, I'm sorry, but I hope that it helped a bit!
Hello, Yoko, I'll try:

1. There has been a terrible car crash, car parts are scattered everywhere; the street is quite narrow. He (driving his car) maneuvered around the debris and drove on.

2. A party; a bottle has been broken, there are glass splinters on the floor. "She skirted around the splinters and found her way to the ladies'room"

have I helped?
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I would agree tht "skirt around" is more often used in the sense of avoiding a controversial or unpleasant subject in conversation, negotiations, etc.
Yes; 'skirt around' is always metaphorical, whereas 'maneuver around' can be literal.

When you 'skirt around' a problem, you avoid it discreetly. The discretion is often self-protective. (Perhaps you want to avoid incriminating yourself; or you don't want to deal with the problem just then.)

When you 'maneuver around' a problem, you avoid it adroitly. The adroitness is often manipulative. (Perhaps you want to gain some specific end; or you want to present the problem to your own advantage.)

Hello everyone,

Your explanations are very helpful to clear my question.
I'll carefully read what you posted again and think twice about them to understand.

Thank you so much!
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I want you to give me the antonym of maneuver

I think you would just speak of 'doing something directly'.

Best wishes, Clive
maneuver around: I don't see directly the periphery of the thing I'm avoiding
skirt around: I see that
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