Could you tell me if Manieth is a word and how you would ask the following questions?

1How do I know the how manieth an element is?
How do you know what number element that is?
2This is the how manieth time the question has been asked?

3 What ordinal son are you to your father?" I'm his 5th son.

4 For example, what would be the best possible written questions if I'm talking about a meeting and I'd like a person to answer:

The approval was made in "the 5th" annual meeting.

Thank you
"Manieth" is not a word.

1. How do you know which element that is? or How do you know that element's atomic number?

2. How many times has this question been asked?

3. How many brothers do you have? and then Are you the oldest? which will typically get a response of either "Yes" or "No, I'm the nth".

4. In which annual meeting was the decision approved?

Unfortunately, there's no elegant way to ask ordinal number questions in English. This post in the FAQ archive has some more detail:

CSnyderUnfortunately, there's no elegant way to ask ordinal number questions in English. This post in the FAQ archive has some more detail:
Elegance is not relevant. If one wants an ordinal-number answer, one just has to specify that.
It's as simple as that!
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What do you mean? Could you write out the question please?

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What number prresident of the USA was Abe Lincoln? The answer could be 16 or 16th.
What ordinal-number president of the USA was Abe Lincoln? The only possiblle answer is 16th.
Thank you


Definitely, there is a word in the Chambers Dictionary on page 1245, under the word "quota".

Secondly, languages keep evolving, by borrowing ideas from other languages, and it is the usage of the word that makes it popular, and foreign speakers who learn English and use it in their academic and professional life, can develop and add to the existing body of knowledge of the English language. A physicist researcher who has researched something new in this subject in Africa or Asia will not ask an English or an American whether they should publish their findings, likewise foreign speakers can very well develop the language by adding to the existing body of knowledge. Kind regards

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