i had [many/a lot of] letters yesterday.

[*] 1.) many or a lot of?

we had [many/a lot of] rain yesterday.

[*] 2.) many or a lot of?

[*] 3.) may i use "a lot" instead of "a lot of" ?

please help and very thank you
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Use "many" for count nouns, or things that can be counted, like this,

There were many cars parked on the street yesterday.

Liquid, like water and milk, cannot be counted as is (they need a container), so they are considered non-count nouns.

*There were many milk in my glass. (ungrammatical; 'milk' is a non-count noun)

Use "a lot of" with nouns that express a great number, amount or quantity, like this,

There were a lot of cars parked on the street yesterday. ('cars' is a count noun)
There was a lot of milk in my glass yesterday. ('milk' is a non-count noun)

"a lot of" is a phrase. You need all three elements. Emotion: smile

Note, "a lot of" is considered informal. "a great deal of" is considered formal.
Very thank you

and what's about

3.) may i use "a lot" instead of "a lot of" ?
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As Casi said, you need all three elements/words in your examples-- 'a lot of letters' and 'a lot of rain' must have their 'of's.

On the other hand, as a short answer with no object, you can only use 'a lot':

'Did you get any rain/letters?' 'Yes, a lot.'
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i understand them.
You may also use "lots of".

I have lots of books.

He has lots of junk in his bag.

As stated by Casi, "a lot of" may be used with both countable and uncountable nouns. Use "much" exclusively for uncountable nouns.

By the way, you can't say "Very thank you".
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"You may also use "lots of".

I have lots of books."

Of so, are "a lot of" and "lots of" completely interchangeable?
I cannot think of any exceptions, Mav.
Grammatically, I believe they are completely interchangeable. I can think of one possible exception, though, and that's when ending a personal letter. I've never received nor seen a letter that ended with "a lot of love" before. But that's just me. I could be wrong. Emotion: smile

Dear Aubrey,

How have you been? It's been ages! Thank you for the e-mail you sent the other day. I miss you, too!...

Please say hi to the family for me. Take care!

Lots of love,

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