Often I confuse if the word "a" is necessary in the following situation:

1) Many a times, I've heard my friends saying that.....
2) Many times, I've heard my friends saying that.....

Are both the sentences correct? Or which one correct?

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The first sentence isn't correct. You can't use 'a' in this phrase
there rae so many rules concerning this article but one thing which you should always keep in mind is that you can't use 'a' with the plural nouns
Oops... I think this was already discussed in englishforums.com. Here is the link:

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i think 2nd is right...

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the second one is correct. we don't use "a" with times, we only use it when we talk about single. like a friend of me said that......
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isn't it "a friend of mine"...and not "a friend of me"
Anonymous: yup you're correct
Just to be clear, these are correct and synonymous:

1) Many a time, I've heard my friends saying that
2) Many times, I've heard my friends saying that

'Many a time' is rather old-fashioned nowadays.
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