One of the topical subject there is an increase of the expansion between the poor and the rich. It is obvious that there is a range of negative consequences from the trend. However, the issues can be resolved by adopting a number of solution, as will not bi disscussed.

First of all,some issues derive from this tendency. The most obvious problem is an economic recession. As a resuit of increase porverty, nobody has money to buy products from factories or stories. So major of production will be closed due to the financial burden. Another major problem is rising of levels crimes. Peole who has not incom or low-paid will become law-breaker such as drug trafficking, robbery and violent to others people to have a standard living. The bottom line is these issues have come from this development and those need to be handled properly.

Additionally,some efectives methods must be givecn to address this issues. The first solution is an expandition of educational oppurtinities to benifits all their citizens. Grants and schorlaships should be provided to slum areas of country to poor children can reach a high quality of education. Another solution that creates many more works for citizens in villages or slum where has a lot of people out of work. The goverment can send the agronomist, mechanics, builders to increase knowledge and skills for people, with a reasonable skills works will have a higher safary tend to develop a standard living

In conclusion, the goverment and indivials should soin hand cope with those issues caused by the gap between the rich and the poor could be tackled by a number of solutions.


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