These days a lot of firms seek applicants from their own nation instead of foreign workers. While I accept that hiring local can bring a positive effect to the business, I believe that it is more likely to have detrimental impacts.

To begin with, the most striking merit of this phenomenon is that it helps the ethnic minority people to enter the workforce. For example, several business groups in the Central Highland province of Gia Lai have offered local ethnic residents jobs in rubber and coffee exports, which creates a steady and stable means of income for many in the region.

However, I would argue that this benefit is eclipsed by some drawbacks. One evident weakness is that it would reduce the ability to find highly skilled and efficient laborers. As a manufacturer had mentioned on BBC News that we could find out a wide range of talented workers from many countries all over the world rather than looking for employees in our own nation. In addition, human resources from overseas is usually cheaper than those from the firms’ homeland. For instance, Chinese factories frequently recruit workers from some developing countries like Vietnam because the costs of hiring are low and the foreign employees can do the jobs that the local people don’t want to do.

In conclusion, although providing employment for ethnic minorities is such a good point of hiring the local, the down side of this trend would emerge consequently in terms of the lack of well-qualified laborers and the high prices.


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Recent years several organisations prefer to choose employers of their local residents instead of to select workforce from the foreign countries. This essay will argue that the advantages of this outweigh the drawbacks. The essay will demonstrate that nowadays businesses and big companies create conditions for local employees because these options includes many benefits for organisations. Therefore it is more cheaper recruitment and local staff being efficiently in terms of to dominate the work

There are many advantages firstly hiring internal candidates can be more effectively than recruiting overseas. One of them companies save money in this way. For example: many advertisment companies prefer to select local staffs because they have to pay high salary and additional charges to foreign employments. Another positive aspect is many companies have own personal educational academics to improve employees and it brings them the most knowledgeable membership than new employee representatives. Example: big organisations do not want to teach their personal principles to new candidates because it takes a long time and effort that is why it does not be more beneficial for establishments

On the other side one of the major disadvantage is the fact that in this way they do not give a change to new workforce. For instance young staff suffer from unemployment and all the enterprises want to hire experienced worker and it does not create work opportunities for new candidates.

In conclusion we have to emphasize that many businesses try to find proper ways to save money and they need experienced and affordable workers. However they have to create opportunity for new staff

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