Many parents argue that children ought to get a short-time occupation at the school age. Although there are some pros, I am of the opinion that drawbacks will be more significant.

On the one hand, having a job at a young age brings some positive aspects. Firstly, children can learn how to be independent due to the fact that the money children earn by themselves will be used for students’ school life or entertainment without their parents’ finance or help. Furthermore, earning salaries from work helps children esteem the money, as well as their parents’ hard work. This is because manual and mind labors both take their time, attempt and health, so everything children receive from is such a valuable achievement. As a result, children will consider using money economically.

On the other hand, getting a part-time job causes consequences. First, there isn't enough time for children’s relaxation and learn, as at this age, the main priority for their development is learning and playing. An occupation will affect them to earn money, as well as study at the same time which impacts their deep learning and their result. Thus, no work brings them health and happiness. Additionally, working whereas studying affects children’s health harmfully, owing to having too much uncompleted work in a day, such as homework, self-studying, projects. Hence, a job takes children’s routine and if they try to do their work at midnight, they will have health problems. Consequently, occupations are time-consuming.

In a nutshell, despite the influenced pros, the cons are still more vital. In my view, children should complete their main priority, or if a child hopes to get a job, I suggest volunteering due to some necessary skills for their future life.


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