Unix, which is not an acronym, was developed by some of the members of the Multics team at the bell labs starting in the late 1960 's by many of the same people who helped create the C programming language. The UNIX today, however, is the not just the work of a couple of programmers. Many other organizations, institutes and various other individuals contributed significant additions to the system we now know today.

Is it correct to say 'many of the same people' in the above? It sounds odd to my ears. What do you think?

1.Many people
2.Same people
3.Some people
The above 3 is fine.

I wouldn't write 'many of the same people' or 'some of the same people'.
Hi Rotter,

"many of the same people" sounds just fine to me. But if you don't like it, try "many of the people who also helped create..."

(P.S. - It's Bell Labs, with capital letters. Also, you have Unix in one place, and UNIX in another.)
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I think it is fine.
Many of those who contributed to creating the C programming language.
Grammar Geek

I work with UNIX only. I don't like Windows. This computer I am using today is Linux. I have another computer only for Solaris.

If you delve into networking, the chances are great that you love to work with Open Source.
I work with Cisco.

I have learn to write UNIX. I will never ever write 'Unix'.

I copied those sentences from a website. They have written this way.