Over the last few decades, there are a numerous public transportation, which can be used daily.Thus, it is firmly assumed that individual vehicles are the best method of transportation while a group of people argue that public transport service is better.Under scrutiny, I wholeheartedly agree that public transportation is superior since it has so many positive, and few negative aspects.

On the one hand, public transportation offer people plenty of benefits. The biggest advantage is that if most people use the public transportation system, it will ease the traffic flow.

It also leads to better air quality with fewer exhaust fumes from cars.Take the example of a bus. One bus can accommodate up to 40 passengers, and thus, replace 40 cars if each of these passengers decided to drive.So the volume of vehicles will be reduced on the roads. Furthermore, should public transportation be used more, money will be saved.Indeed, the money we spend on petrol can be cut down dramatically if we take a bus instead of using personal cars. Therefore, not only can use public transport, reduce environmental pollution but it saves money.

On the other hand, there are a number of disadvantages of using public transport that people should take into consideration. The serious drawback is that busses and trains are not as safe as private cars.In fact, a great number of criminal activities on buses or trains such as pickpockets. Another disadvantage of the use of public transportation is that our time can be wasted as we use the public transportation.Waiting for the bus or train is quite time-consuming and annoying for who get to their workplaces.Thus, individuals feel stressed the bus does not arrive on time and they will be late. Consequently, using private cars is one of the best ways to be protected from petty thieves as well as to save time.To sum up, advantageous as the public transport services are, it is certain that using private cars could bring about a variety of benefits. However, from my perspective, I do believe in the benefits of mass transit outweigh the drawbacks because if everyone used it, it would protect our environment.

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