Many people prefer to attend academic study at university rather than follow vocational training courses. Although I acknowledge the importance of university graduates, I believe that we should encourage more people to work as plumbers, electricians, and other blue-collar workers.

There are two reasons to explain why it is essential for our society to train more people in skilled professions such as plumbing, and electrical work. Firstly, these workers are vital when a new building is constructed or existing construction is in need of maintenance or renovation. In fact, in many countries, permanent staff or skilled tradesman is employed in hospitals, schools, or museums in order to ensure the safety of all people using the buildings. Secondly, there is an imbalance in the workforce in developed countries as a result of the unemployment of graduates and a shortage of skilled workers. Therefore, governments work with many employers to provide a variety of vocational training courses.

More people should be motivated to apply for manual positions in order to meet society's needs. Schools can incorporate theoretical and practical subjects which ensure the emphasis on the multiple abilities of different students rather than solely focusing on academic knowledge. By designing a curriculum like this, children are exposed to diverse choices and able to join the blue-collar workforce if they are not academically inclined. In addition, it is crucial that parents explain and assist students if they desire to pursue manual professions by showing career prospects and remuneration with skills and qualifications.

In conclusion, I believe that we should encourage more people to join the manual workforce because, without skilled tradesmen, it is difficult for our society to function effectively.


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