In this day and age, with the increasingly developing society , people are more likely to work harder to catch up with the modern rhythm of life . This leads to working extended hours of the people. This assay will mainly discuss about the causes and effects of the problem on individuals and society

First of all, it is undeniable that people has many explaination for working longer hours , two of which is work pressure and demands for life. Everyday employees must face up with a huge number of workload in their company, bonus deadlines about the strategy in developing company’s image,.. Besides, they try their best to finish the work well with a view to being paid a high salary, which meets all the different demands such as : utility bills, service, entertainment ,child and so on … Therfore, extended hours in working is unavoidable

Secondly , working longer and longer hours has negative effects on individuals as well as the society, specially imbalance in life and provoke disease. Employees spend most of their time working harder , so they don’t have time to take care other members in family making the distance among members. Moreover, dangerous diseases are a result of extended hours working . For example ,those who work in the offices, sitting too much in front of the computer makes their eyes tired because of the radioactive from the screen as well as leads to headache and stress in working

In conclusion, extended hours asociated with work pressure and high demands for life have caused adverse impact on people .it not only makes the people’s health worse but also trigger the imbalance between work and life. Individual should arrange the time efficiently to have a better lifestyle


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