what does "map revision" mean?

It sounds like you are talking about a change to a map.

As Clive said, it's changing a map.

If people build things, these have to be put on the map. That change to the map is called a map revision. The map is revised. That means the map is changed.

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What does map revision mean in this sentence?

Map revision is usually concerned with manmade features, such as buildings and roads.
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What is map revision

The answer was given earlier in this thread. Please read it.


Simply, map revision is the process of making updated maps that involves updating, improving, correction, addition or deletion of map details.

Maps are the static representation of reality while the geographic reality is dynamic in nature. So, map revision plays crucial role. Also, old and outdated map cannot depict the information neither effectively not completely and hence, should be updated. Mapping a new map of a certain area is very expensive and map updating provides the updated map in much reduce cost.

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