Hi guys,

From information online, the phrase in red below seems to refer to some place or area.
Still it's so hard to find what they exactly mean, especially what "proper" means.

If you have any slight idea, whatever, would you care for some explanations here for me?



Overlooked by the dramatic Sierra Blanca 28km west of Fuengirola, Marbella has been the Costa del Sol’s glossiest resort since the
1950s. Yet Marbella proper and its Casco Antiguo or old town has little to do with the conspicuous consumption of the notorious Golden Mile, heading west towards Puerto Banús. Instead, you can enjoy a resort where Spanish holidaymakers balance the international visitors and a variety of shops, bars and restaurants offer real-world food and goods at real world prices.
Marbella itself.
The Seattle area has more than a million people living there. Seattle proper has only 500,000.

I believe that proper comes from the French propre = own, itself, very same
Marbella is the name of a town.

Marbella proper means the area that is strictly/legally part of Marbella, ie excluding the suburbs and other areas that seem to be part of Marbella but which lie outside Marbella's legal boundaries.

eg Toronto proper, Montreal proper, etc.

Best wishes, Clive
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Thanks to you guys, I've learned a new word today.
Beyond my guesses but quite interesting... ^^

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