Dear teacher ,

Please help me understand the differences between "mark" , " score " and " point " .

Can I say :a/ The teacher gave him 5 marks/grades /points/scores for his English test.

b/ He lacks one marks/grades /points/scores , so he can't pass his entrance exam into the medical college.

I am very confused about the use of these words because in my native language we say " diem " for all of these words.

Thank you in advance
I've seen many grading systems in the US. The grammar schools I attended gave us grades on our "report cards" from 1 to 5, 1 being best and 5 being the failing grade. In the higher grades and high school we received both a letter grade and a number grade (percentage) on our report cards. "A" was best and "E" was failing. A scale was published showing the percentages corresponding to each letter grade. As I recall, 93 to 100 was "A."

It was completely at the discretion of each teacher how they arrived at the "percentage grade" given at the end of each of the six "ranking periods." Some teachers "marked on a curve," listing the students in each class in order of proficiency, and then assigning values which would produce a "bell curve" effect, so the top ten percent of the class (for example) would get A's (93 - 100) regardless of how well or poorly they performed.

A teacher might give a history test comprising five essay questions, and decide that question #1 was worth 20 points, question #2: 5 points, etc. The sum might or might not add up to 100. Your "score" on that particular test would be written on the test paper, and could be given as "C," "82%," "42," etc., depending on the system the teacher was using. The teacher might tell you, "If you had gotten one more point, you would have received a "B."

"Standardized tests" given by the state or the College Board etc. would explain exactly how the tests are to be scored and what the scores mean. Everyone is treated the same.

In my experience "mark" and "grade" and "score" are equivalent when applied to individual tests. "He got a good grade/score/mark on the exam." "What did you get on the final?" "What did he give you?" (asking for grade/mark/score on a test)

"What was your final grade in geometry?" (Here we would use only "grade.")

"She gets good marks/grades in school." (Here we would not use "scores.")

- A.
Thank you very much Avangi.

By the way , just a small question. I wonder " attendance register " is the synonym of " Class register" " roll-call book " and "class roster " . All these words were found on the Internet.

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