The following sentence is about Philadelphia:

"The blocks were large, about 400 ft square, and the streets, with the exception of Market and Broad, were none too wide."

"Market and Broad" = Market and Broad street, or Market street and Broad street?

Please help!

Thank you.

Probably two as that would be a very strange name for one street, but nothing in the sentence actually tells you whether it is a single street with a long name or two separate streets.
Thank you, Nona. By the way, have you ever been to Philadelphia?
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No I haven't. Why?
Because I just want to know whether there are the two streets in that city or not.

Thanks for your reply.
Hi Cadzao,

How are you?

Yes, the city has these two streets.

I haven't been there, I looked it up. You can use the online facility called 'Mapquest'.

The Philadelphia Flyers ice hockey team are nicknamed 'the Broad Street Bullies' because of their rough play.

Best wishes, Clive
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Philadelphia's City Hall is on the block where Market and Broad intersect. Market runs east-west and Broad runs north-south. A street that interesects Market is "North X Street" (for example, North 13th Street) north of Market, and "South X Street" south of Market. I worked briefly on Market Street in Philadelphia. Will you visiting soon?
I'm fine. Thank you, Clive. How are you? Is it getting cold in Canada?
Thank you, Grammar Geek, for asking and for the reply. I had been fogetting this post since Nona's reply.
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