I'm trying to express the force in favor of markets principles in socialist countries e.g. North Korea.

Which one is more suitable for the meaning: market players, market agents, or market subjects?

what could be the antonym of it?

that is, a word for the force in favor of planned economy.
Put your best guess into a sentence and I will try to correct it. With the information you have given, it is not easy to answer this question. Give me more information and I am sure I can get your answer.

Rob Hewson
sorry for the late reply.

I am afraid I cannot give you the original context that the word is in

because i'm interpretting a study, and it's not been published yet.

My best improvisation is

"The market system in former Soviet Union was composed of two forces: market players, and the planning bodies."

does this sentence sound natural?

BTW, you have a nice warm smile.

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