Marriage plays an important part in our life. society cant exist without marriage. It makes life more interesting and colourful. Life without marriage is meaningless. It is a problem that all of us have to care about.

In my country, people often get married when man is 25 and woman is 23. I think by that age, people have ability to be resposible for their action and can grow up in their thought. as we know, the basic of happy family is to understand each other well, because if not, there are many conflicts will be happened and ( certainly) the result is not good at all. After marriage, almost couples have to cope up with many troubles, say, misunderstanding, economic problem, unfaithfulness committing adulthy... if they cant find out the best way to solve these matters, the worst things must happen as separation, divorce and the person who is the most miserable is their very children.

However, do u think that marriage should be arranged by parents or left to the choice of young people concerned?

This is a question which may be viewed from different angles, the parents' point of view and the couples's point of view.

A parent wnats his son or daughter marry because he wants his species propagated. He wants his son or daghter marry to healthy person who would prove a good life mate for his children. The parent cares also ofr the stock. In other words, he wants to assure himself that the person, with whom his son or daughter settles down, doesnt suffer from any diseases.They must have a good name in society. Very often, the financial gain thrown in. Sometimes, the youngster may not like such an alliance and so the marriage ends in unhappiness and disaater.

Young couples these days want to be free to choose their long life partners themselves. It may be the personal qualities of the girl he likes that he is attracted to so much. So that in the first freshes of love, he is likely to overlookmany other factors and because he isnt experienced and worldly-wise, his choice may not always be correct. Such wrong alliances contribute to more misunderstanding and divorce in Western countries. Under the wrong notion of love, there have been more illicit connection and children born out of weblock. So, wise youngster would beeter think twice befor they get married. They wouldnot lose anything by conulting their parents and getting their advice, blessing and approval before getting married.

So, as for me , the best way to have a happy family is to try to understand each ither well before taking in marriage and in family life, we should be tolerant and forgive to eachother because " no one is perfect".
Yes, I know exactly what you mean: "some people are more perfect than others".
If marriage is their own choice, I mean no parents influence, why do people grow apart? You haven't commented any of this in your essay.
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If marriage is their own choice, I mean no parents' influence, why do people grow apart? You haven't commented on thiss in your essay.
If marriage is their own choice, I mean no parents' influence, why do people grow apart? You haven't commented on this in your essay. I would really like to hear your opinion on this.
Hi angel 82.
I've just read your composition. I don't know if it is just a composition to be revised by English teachers or if you also would like some comments on it. I guess the first is the right one option because you have placed it under English Grammar thread, so, I'll keep my possible comments. In case you are interested in discussing as well as we use to do in another threads like Topic of the moment or Cultural differences appart from the language issues, let me know.
Thank you.
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Take it easy, Elena. Angel 82 just put her essay n needs comments such as what Maj did. Regards