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Hello community,
below is an essay I wrote on mass media. I'd like you to read it and then have your say. But please read my message thoroughly, because this topic is worth a serious debate as we are confronted with mass media almost everyday. I hope to create a discussion where we guide each other to clarification. Certainly, everyone is welcome to join the discussion.
And now to my essay:

Nowadays, the usage of mass media is growing. The internet, television, radio and print media have found a place in the human-being’s life; you can say that they were forced into our minds until we became dependent on them. Many people won’t admit it to be a problem, because they have been brainwashed thoroughly.
Mass media is man-made. Everything man-made is a manifestation of a problem and causes problems themselves, but we never point them out nor do we want to mention them at all. The urge to find the truth takes us so far to creating things and we become blind, deaf, narrow-minded, stubborn or short: senseless. We prohibit distractions, doubts, although we know that the creation will be useless. But we want to find the truth. All those mass media, as far as I can tell, as far as my sanity can tell me, are such products.
Most of us would probably call the “need to inform the people” as the main function of media. The people have the right to know what is happening around them. News-broadcasts inform us about the activities of the government, the activities around the world, even activities of individuals. There is in fact a flood of information taking away more room to listen to ourselves. And now the question is: Can this be right? Is it alright to serve people daily with information we, to be honest to ourselves, don’t really care, but were made to care?
To many, media can help to get back on the right track; to them it is like a therapy which helps them to calm down. But as a matter of fact, aren’t media also the reason to get confused, the reason to get off track? Isn’t it maybe the best to not inform ourselves at all?

I have mentioned the word therapy above and I think that’s the best word to describe mass media. I also have let out words about man-made products, which are in fact therapies too. Maybe this is confusing for the reader as I also said that everything man-made creates new problems. “How can a therapy create a new problem?” you are probably asking yourself. To speak clarifying, something can only become a problem if anyone starts to care about it. Responsibilities make us suffer, because we don’t want to take care of anything or anyone else but our own. We are selfish to the bones – try to deny, but it is impossible. Does any kind of media really care about the people? No, because any information media is man-made.
Is it true that the media is a main reason fot us to be influenced by negatives values and not follow our own traditional value?In my opinion, 'traditional values' evolve through time due to numerous reasons. Mass media is one one of them. If it erodes traditional values then traditional values would simply disappear. Yet,i wrote same aspects in my essays about mass media that is we have as our values and culture simply transform into a different form. It simply evolves. pls share your views Emotion: smile
BluepalmsCan this be right? Is it alright to serve people daily with information we, to be honest to ourselves, don’t really care, but were made to care?

We can choose to not care news irrelevant to our lives.