Hi there,
What is the correct punctuation for this phrase? I've seen it done in a variety of ways and I don't know which one is correct. 

a. Master's degree in Journalism

b. Masters degree in Journalism

c. masters degree in journalism

d. None of the above

Thank you for your help!


Lower case is also OK, ie master's degree in journalism

Thank you for your help, Clive.

How about when you just say, "I'm doing my master's."

Is that correct? Or is it, "I'm doing my masters."

Thank you again!
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I'[d use the apostrophe.
Doesn't an apostrophe s signify ownership of something? Is a master's degree a degree belonging to a master? And what about masters' degrees? I vote for no punctuation.
Actually, yes it does mean a degree pertaining to mastery of some subject. Think about the other interpretation. Is it reasonable to think of masters degree as a plural?
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I agree. They aren't proper possessives. You can say the hat of the man (man's hat) but you can't say the degree of the batchelor or the master - without meaning something different.
When I lived in Britain years ago. no-one said i'm doing my master's.
It was always eg I'm doing my MA.