I'm currently working on my bachelor thesis, for the topic of which I have chosen "false friends". My aim is to revise a Czech book that has been written on the topic of Czech-English false friends some thirty years ago, and to make it more student-friendly. What I need to do first is to approach the subject from a theoretical viewpoint, but I haven't yet found some decent literature. Could you please recommend (a) good book(s) on the subject? It can either be fully theoretical or it can contain sets of false friends from whatever languages - if you consider it worth a read (and if the "main" language is English, Russian or Czech). Or, if you cannot help yourself, do you know a forum/listserv etc. where you think I could post my question?

Many thanks in advance

dear Lenny,

I found this link that contains a set of false friends, just that the other lg is German



I tried to find some book on that, but I failed.

Kind regards

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Soraya, thanks, but I would prefer a quality book with some theoretical background in it. I know there are lost of lists of false friends on the internet, I've found many of those myself...but unfortunately, these are not really of much help. I do NOT need MERE lists...I'm interested in how much explanation goes with each item, whether the author divided the false friends into some groups...
Sorrry, hun, I could not find any....I tried on the library.nu, maybe you'll have more luck
i m also tried to help you found some link about false friends, but totally same as other persons post in previous posts,i know u really not need just link,you do need the good articles and which have better backgroud,i believe have such stuffs what you want in the internet ,the problem is that just need more time to find out it.i will feedback to you when i get some useful info.
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