There is a number. If it is not a multiple of 4, then it is between 60 and 69. If it is a multiple of 3 it is between 50 and 59. If it is not a multiple of 6 it is between 70 and 79. What is the number?

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76 ?
Emotion: yawni hate maths
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Ear, Congrats!

But could you explain this one for us lesser mortals? The answer I checked(looking for the explanation), but I'd like to know how you did it.


A Mystified Joy.
Well, I used elimination and got 76, did u do the same Ear? Or is there a better method?
yepp me too i m sure that result is 76
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Somebody explain! I hate not understanding things Emotion: crying
That's 'cause you don't have a brain either Joy. [6]

Your twin borrowed it Emotion: big smile

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