I am a Chinese girl. Chris is my English name.

I am a smart and lovely girl who is living in beijing now.

if you are a foreigner, we could have a chat about our countries, cultures and lives when we are free or i can teach you Chinese if you'd like. i am willing to know more about foreign countries and cultures and people's ideas.

or you are an english fan, we could share our learning experiences and also share our opinions about the world.

i am sure that i would be a nice friend to you!

remember my msn: [mod: please add your E-Mail to your profile]
I love English and your language but I am striving to learning English

Can u talk your experiences about studing english ?

Speak me through my e-mail, I want to acquaint everyone over the world and u are also person who I would be a nice friend

bye!! Have fun
Hi! Hope you suceed in English.