Now,I am in trouble now, because of my job...

In fact, I know that there is not right place for me to talk about my job...because I can not bring happiness to all of you if I am talking about my job!

At last,I have to...because I do not know any others I can do...

I graduated from senior school at last year and became a salesrepresentative in a foreign trade company.Now I am working in here....

My assignment is to find out the customers all over the world and then bulid the business relationship with them...

During these months,I get the sense about how difficult to do this job well...At the beginning,I tried to search it in the B2B website,such as ,, and so on....but I failed at last....I did not get any reply...Further more, our company do not have the website, let alone the advertisement on the internet....I ever gave a suggestion to our boss, but he did not think so..Perhaps he pay more attention on the current customers we have.....

Later, I went through the company in the google, and then, linked into their website...There is always a contact section,so,I send the introduction email one by one...Of course,I also sent the second email if I did not receive their reply about my first email...and went to...but I still did not receive any response...Sorry!

Now,I do not know how to do now....although I believe there will be one day I will get a new customer as long as I continue to work hard...Now, it seems that I do not know how to position my starting point...

Would you like to tell me how I can get the reply from the customers? and how to catch their eyes on my email and greeting?

Thank you very much!

Looking forward all of your help! I really need it!

Fingers crossed !

First of all, I think you should look in the Net in different courses in how you get the attention for your product. Secondly, I believe that if you looked in the Arabian Gulf ragine such as () you will have a huge amount of customers. Another way is to communicate with your local companies and try to know there friends in the intentional world, that mean you need to have Meetings with other people whose work in these companies.

This what i think ...

Thank you
wow, i`m not sure that there is any help i can offer you. the problem is, if i would get such an e-mail, i don`t think that i would respond to it. i`m just not interested in giving everyone (espeacially companies) my thoughts and wishes. advertisment is everywhere and it sucks. i hope someone else can help you more, i`m sorry i can`t. another problem you may have is, that lots of people who receive your e-mail, see it right under the topic "spam" and almost every e-mail provider sets you on a list which no one really reads
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Hello Ivyzhang,

Maybe you should try on your advertisement, find something that could catch the readers attention, that's the first thing you should do. Once you've catched their attention, provide them further information (without telling lies).

In my opinion, the most difficult part is to catch their attention! So, try hard on it and you will see the results!;)

Good luck!
Many thanks to all of you! I will keep work hardly...Thank you!

By the way,would you like to give me some addressed of website I possibly can find out my customers?Thank you!
Are you going to still the customers?;)

Maybe you could post the advertisement somewhere else! I can't come up with any right now but I am sure there are lots of places!;)

Good luck!
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i can't justify myself, Why because i had two opportunities in my hand one thing business analyst and another one is networking field.
But, thing was now i am working as business analyst at the same time i got an opportunity called networking engineer. Now confusion starts in my mind in which way i need create my carrier path.

However, My background was electronics and communications. Both are related to my filed. So,what could i do. i need a advice from you guys. Please help me out from this issue i don't have much time also.
Are you asking advice from the participants in this thread? If so, you will be waiting a very long time. The previous post was ten years ago.