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Attaching my photo with my son. His name is ANIRUDH.
He is a slow learner.
This photo appeared in one of the magazine when they did some article for 'learning disabled'.
Let me tell you, here in India, there isn't much awareness for the 'learning disablity and the problem it creates - for the children as well as parents.

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That's a great photo sur, thanks for sharing it with us!
Nice to meet you both!
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Thanks Elena

Happy Deepavali

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Welcome to the photo club.Emotion: smile
I like India..

The Elephant is too much there...

nice to meet u bothEmotion: smile

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Sur, I miss your poems so much. I have always admired for the strength you have shown with difficult situations. I hope you are having a good summer. Regards. Kisses (k) .
Hi Maj,

Indeed it is a very long time since I visited forum. Reasons like busy schedule - as you know I am teaching Abacus to learning disabled children and also normal children - so it takes away most of my time, household work and then most important my net connection was transferred from one supplier to the other and in the bargain I was lost in the cyberspace.
Yes Maj summer was very good and now it is raining, oh god you cannot step out. But weather is really good.

Thanks for reminding me and remembering me.....

With love [F] [F]

Hello to you and to your son...

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