We had a discussion with my grandaughter on me inn general and then particularly as used as an answer to a question. eg: Who is hungry? Me! or Him/her. I say it is incorrect as the answer should be "I am" so if abreviated it whoucl be "I". This sounds completely incorrect however to both of us. So therefore if answering correctly, one cannot use a one word answer???
Hello Anon

Either 'me' or 'I am' is standard English.

'I' is not entirely unknown:

Who killed Cock Robin?

I, said the sparrow,

With my little bow and arrow.

I killed Cock Robin.
But on the whole, English doesn't use the subject pronouns on their own.

Perhaps we can think of 'me', etc. as analogous to the French emphatic pronouns ('moi', etc.) in this context.

* blush *
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I notice that the software has censored the nursery rhyme. For those who may be wondering, the full phrase is 'C o c k R o b i n'.

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