Please tell me which form is right, thanks a lot!

Me and my brother like joking

My brother and me ...

I and my brother...

My brother and I...
"My brother and I ..." is the correct choice, but you'll hear people use the ones with "me".

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Actually, it depends on context. At the beginning of a sentence, it is "My brother and I" because you start sentences with I, not me.

In a sentence where you would use me, it will be "my brother and me.": "Are you going to meet my brother and me at the movies?" Compare to "Are you going to meet I at the movies?"
Hello Sanz,

Read My friend and I or I and my friend? I think it may help you.
I use the knockout trick. Knock out the other person, and see if it sounds correct. "My brother and I walked down the street." Or "My brother and me walked down the street." ? Knockout "my brother" and see how it sounds. "I walked down the street." Or "Me walked down the street." Once you knockout the other person it is simple.
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I have recently titled a photo album on Facebook as MY BROTHER AND I, over the years. And a friend went ballistic saying it should've said "My brother and me .....". Who's right?
Anonymous it should've said "My brother and me
Not necessarily. In a title (without a verb), you are free to use either pronoun.

In a sentence, the pronoun depends on if it is a subject or object:

My brother and I are shown in photos from 1993 to 2003.
My family took photos of my brother and me from 1993 to 2003.
Anonymousa friend went ballistic saying it should've said "My brother and me ....."
There is absolutely no cause to go ballistic! Both are possible. Your friend may have seen "... and me" more frequently in that context so he (or she) mistakenly thinks it's the only correct way to do it.

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This is what I usually do when I am stuck :
Ex : My brother and me went to the mall.
Take out my brother and, now read :
Me went to the mall.
It makes no sense, just take out the first part, but that's not all you need to remember, the other person ALWAYS goes first. So you would never say I and my brother. Don't get it? Here is an Example for it.
Ex : I and my brother went to the mall.
Remember other person always goes first, (People say to remember it, think of the other person before yourself to be polite.)
So it would me my brother and I, if, like I said the sentence makes sense without my and.
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