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Please tell me what is the meaning of the words or expressions in italics.

Context: These expressions are from one of the works of P G Wodehouse - "Keeping it from Harold"

Harold's father is a professional boxer. He and his wife do not want their son to know this as they think their boy who is growing up with kind and noble values will find it hard to stomach the fact that his father was a boxer.

1. Think of all the swells that'll coming to see you

2. He was not a un-mixedly chilvalrous nature.

3.He is known as "young porky"

4. He is fighting -man doing his eight -stone-four ringside,...

5. It's jolly thick.

6. These words had given place to the abstracted gravity of the student.
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Hi suresh

1)a swell simply means a rich man with good clothing and other accessories.

2)here,i think wodehouse tries to explain that harold is a bit self absorbed and has a courtrous behaviour in a very well tamed sense.

3)here, yong got the meaning but here it reffers to the famous boxer mr.bill bramble in the story

4) Eight stone four simply implies to the weight limit inside (ring) thats the weight of the player and its opponenet .the given weight .

In context to chapter ;harolds father is the best boxer in ring of that weight limit.

5)jolly thick_ means unfortunate and refers to the sadness of harold on knowing the reality of his fathers' profession and thaf he would loose the bet to dicky saunders (his friend)

6)abstract gravity of a student simply impies to the extreme seriousness of harold with respect to is studies.

Hope my answers were helpfull..😇😊

-sakshi mahorey