what does attending in this title mean?

"the dynamics of attending: how people track time-varying events"

jalehwhat does attending in this title mean?

Paying attention; following


Can you provide some context? Where did you find this text?

Attending what?

What is a time-varying event? It sounds like science fiction.

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yes sure. here you are the introduction of the paper:

A theory of attentional dynamics is proposed and aimed at explaining how listeners respond to systematic
change in everyday events while retaining a general sense of their rhythmic structure. The approach
describes attending as the behavior of internal oscillations, called attending rhythms, that are capable of
entraining to external events and targeting attentional energy to expected points in time. A mathematical
formulation of the theory describes internal oscillations that focus pulses of attending energy and interact
in various ways to enable attentional tracking of events with complex rhythms. This approach provides
reliable predictions about the role of attending to event time structure in rhythmical events that modulate
in rate, as demonstrated in 3 listening experiments.

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