The underlined part makes no sense to me!

All these influences have a negative impact on the spirit bear's very existance, which is made all the more fragile by the fact that reproduction among these bears has always been disappointingly low.

jaleh ... existence, which is made all the more fragile by ...

"all" does not refer to anything. "all the more" is just another way of saying "even more".

fragile ~ vulnerable

The existence of those bears is made even more fragile by low reproduction rates. (passive)
Low reproduction rates make the existence of those bears even more fragile. (active)



The expression "all the more fragile" + means " more fragile in all aspects / ways." or "much more fragile"


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All these influences make it hard for the bears to exist. Low reproduction makes it even harder.

If something is 'fragile', it is easily damaged or destroyed. The bears may soon no longer exist.


Whould you please explain the underlined part in more detail? For example what does "all" refer to? And shouldn't it be "has made all ..."?

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Thanks a lot for your great explanation.
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