Hi, What is the meaning of "in relative terms" and the meaning of the following passage?

Wes and Mary Grace seriously doubted if the wild demands by Sterling Bintz had frightened Krane Company away. In relative terms, his suggestion of $30 million would be a fraction of any workable settlement.

Are Wes and Mary Grace Thinking that the Krane company has terminated the settlement negotiations not because of Sterling Bint's wild demands? Or taking in to account the last part of the text the opposite is true and they are thinking that the negotiation has been collapsed because of that wild demands



Without more context, the passage appears to mean that Bintz suggested to Krane (in a very flamboyant - "wild" - way) a settlement of 30 million. Krane then pulled out of negotiations for a settlement, without saying why it pulled out. Because of the closeness in time of Bintz's offer and Krane's pullout, the conclusion would be that Bintz's suggestion was what caused Krane to pull out. But Wes and Mary doubted this, since, when all factors - not just financial ones - were considered ("in relative terms"), the 30 million was less than the expected settlement amount. (The implication here appears to be that Bintz's wild antics and outrageous style was what caused Krane to pull out of what was otherwise a reasonable settlement.)