Hi, what is the meaning of you should frisk me and might as well laugh , in the following text:

She was coming around her desk with a smile and handshake as the guard closed the door.

" I feel as though you should frisk me," Bruce said.

"Bend over, " she snapped and Bruce burst out laughing. She waved to a sofa and said, "Might as well laugh, Cabe(Bruce), you beat us fair and square."



If you (as a cop) frisk someone, you run your hands all over their body, usually to ensure that they have no weapons, drugs etc hidden away. It's an intimate thing for a woman to frisk a man, so Bruce is trying to be a little funny when he says this.

When she says 'bend over, she is continuing for a moment with the joke. Sh won't really frisk him.

If you are a cop and you tell someone 'Bend over', what intimate body part would you examine in case he is smuggling drugs???


Thanks for the very elaborate and interesting reply .I highly appreciate that.