HI, Would you please tell me what is the meaning of was that where it happened in the following text:

She began cross-checking the arrest with the court docket and found another entry. On June 11, Verno ( the murdered) was found not guilty in Pensacola city court.Case dismissed.

At that time, Ross Banick ( the killer) was thirty-six years old and had been practicing law in the area for ten years.

Could it be the crossing of their paths? was that where it happened?

It was a long shot, but in Jeri's world so was every thing else.

Please note that the text is from the book The Judge's list by John Grisham. Thanks

anonymouswas that where it happened

Was that place the same place where it (the murder) happened?

"it" is most likely a reference to the murder mentioned earlier in the text.
From the amount of context given, it's harder to say what "that" is a reference to. I suppose you have to have read the book to understand some of this.